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Kaptain Karl next appears
with the Indianhead Chorus
at the Luck Music in the ParkTuesday, July 2, 6:30PM
Grab a seat in the Gazebo!

Kaptain Karl next appears solo
at the Wanigan Days kickoff.
Saturday, July 20, 11:30AM - 1PM.
It'll be a beautiful day!

News! CD release celebration at Cafe Wren in Luck , WI! It's an afternoon party, starting about noon, Saturday, August 3.

Also on the way: We completed a photo shoot for the new jazz improv album, "Kaptain Karl: My Relationship with the Piano."
Find out more at the Memphis Evans tribute to Kaptain Karl site.
More information, including an in-studio video clip, is on this very site.

Oh no! I am inordinately fond of the old home page with the out-dated photo of Kaptain Karl! Does it still exist?
Sure it does. It's right here!

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